Compressed air filters by KSI

Coalescing filters for compressed air are used to remove hard oil particles. ECOCLEAN series filters are characterized by high-quality construction, minimal pressure drop, and long service life of the filtering elements. The filter housing is made of cast aluminum and treated with anti-corrosion processing to protect against bacterial growth. The filters are coated externally with powder paint. Each filter in the ECOCLAN series is mandatory tested for compressed air losses. The use of magistral filters allows for the protection of pipelines against oil contamination and the maintenance of high-quality compressed air. KSI Filtertechnik has developed and serially produces filtering elements to ensure the quality of compressed air in accordance with ISO 8573 standard.

The model series of filters is represented by models with threaded and flanged connections. An important advantage of filters with a flange connection produced by KSI Filtertechnik is the presence of a tiltable bottom, which facilitates the replacement of filtering elements during maintenance. In addition, the entire model series is characterized by the following advantages:

  • The carefully designed structure of the filtering element’s framework allows for a 45% reduction in pressure drop compared to a standard cylindrical housing;
  • The maximum filtering surface ensures deep filtration thanks to a special winding method of the filtering element;
  • Special adhesive components securely attach the caps of the filtering element;
  • Caps made of plastic protect against corrosion and bacterial growth;
  • The oil drainage layer is made of a special felt that stabilizes the filtering material and protects it from swelling and cracking;
  • The high-quality filtering material provides resistance to chemical, mechanical, and thermal loads. The maximum working temperature is 120°C;
  • The filtering material does not contain silicone binder;
  • High dirt holding capacity combined with high filtering efficiency ensures effective deep filtration