These dryers are the most compact solution for producing compressed air to meet specific needs, produced by KSI Filtertechnik. Membrane dryers do not require electrical energy and practically do not require maintenance. Additionally, compressed air is only supplied when needed. Their compact design makes them suitable for mobile use and for use directly at the point of compressed air intake.

Other features of ECOTROC® MT:

  • easy and quick installation;
  • no moving parts;
  • low air consumption for purging;
  • reliable construction;
  • short response time;
  • low noise level;
  • high savings;
  • no need for condensate drainage;
  • no reduction in oxygen content;
  • possible to use in hazardous areas;
  • no need for electrical connection;
  • possible for continuous operation;
  • choice of execution.

The principle of operation of the dryer is based on diffusion.

Compressed air enters the membrane dryer and passes through a set of selective membranes with a hollow fiber center. Part of the already dried air (blow-through air) is directed through openings to counter-current blow-through between the membrane fibers. As a result of the expansion of the blow-through air, the moisture content in it decreases, and the air becomes drier than the air inside the membrane. Two streams of air with different moisture contents are separated only by the membrane wall, so that the diffusion of water molecules through the membrane wall from the area of high humidity to the area of low humidity occurs. Then, the water with the blow-through air is discharged to the atmosphere.

General technical data:

  • maximum compressed air temperature: +60°C,
  • maximum operating pressure: 10 bar,
  • maximum dew point: -40°C,
  • pressure drop across the dryer: 0.2 bar,
  • air purification before the membrane: 0.01 mg/m3,
  • service life: 7-8 years.