Heat less adsorption dryers

ECOTROC® adsorption dryers manufactured by the German company KSI Filtertechnik are designed to reduce moisture content in compressed air and achieve a dew point of minus 70 °C. The basis of the operation of adsorption dryers with cold regeneration is the physicochemical properties of the adsorbent materials. The drying process consists of two cycles: adsorption, which is the absorption of moisture by the adsorbent, and regeneration, which is the removal of moisture from the adsorbent.
When compressed air flows through one of the two columns, moisture is absorbed by the adsorbent material until it is fully saturated. At the same time, the other column is in the process of regeneration, which is carried out using already dried compressed air at atmospheric pressure. Control of the dryer’s operating cycles and monitoring of parameters and protection are provided by the ECOTROC® microprocessor control system.

The standard delivery set includes:

  1. ECOTROC® – an adsorption dryer consisting of two columns filled with adsorbent material, pipelines mad of galvanized steel, and a set of valves;
  2. ECOMATIC® microprocessor control system, including a function that connects the dryer and the compressor, enabling automatic activation of the dryer with the compressor;
  3. ECOCLEAN® – an SMA pre-filter with a manual condensate drain;
  4. ECOCLEAN® – an MFO dust filter with a manual condensate drain.


Reliability in use:

        The use of adsorbents from leading global chemical companies.

        Increased size of silencers further enhances the system’s reliability.

        Built-in compressed air filters ensure safe operation of the air dryer throughout its service life.

        The ATK 110 model features stainless steel pipelines, while larger air dryers use galvanized steel pipelines. This solution ensures the reliability and safety of the air dryer.

 Ease of use:

        Removing old adsorbent and filling with new material is done through special openings in the top and bottom of the columns.

        Serviceable elements are easily removable and can be serviced in a comfortable position. There is no need to work directly on the air dryer.

        Simple and easy-to-understand service kits enable effective planning and execution of necessary service work.



  • The special design of the ELECTROC dryer allows for minimal consumption of compressed air during regeneration.
  • The symmetrical arrangement of the pipes and components of the dryer makes it easy to install and adapt to customer conditions, such as placing filters directly after the dryer.
  • Simple installation and assembly thanks to the design that allows for easy installation of all components. It is only necessary to connect the compressed air and power supply. The handles on the columns make it easier to move the dryer.
  • The pipes are made of stainless steel.
  • The frame structure of ELECTROC dryers is rigid.

Available control systems for dryers:

ECOMATIC – included in the standard delivery of ECOTROC dryers:

  • Visualizes adsorption/desorption cycles
  • Microprocessor control system
  • Energy-saving synchronization circuit with compressor
  • Adjustable cycle duration time
  • Displays the need for service
  • Can be installed on any dryer.

ECOTROCONOMY – comfort (ET-C) – optional control system:

  • Easy installation on any dryer, regardless of the manufacturer
  • Protection of the control of the dew point of compressed air
  • Built-in sensor of variable loads facilitating diagnostics of containers
  • No requirement for constant power supply, the dryer operating log is stored in memory
  • Three-level access to settings with a password
  • Connectors for notification systems (audible signal, lights)
  • Displaying the need for service with the ability to change settings
  • Data export interface to a computer.

ECOTROCONOMY – premium (ET-P) – optional control system

The control system has similar functionality as ECOTROCONOMY – comfort (ET-C), but is equipped with some additional features:

  • control and display of compressed air pressure before the dryer
  • control and display of compressed air temperature before the dryer

ability to safely shut down in case of deviation from the set value

Model range of ECOTREC® air dryers