Refrigerated compressed air dryers

Refrigerated compressed air dryers are used to remove moisture from compressed air by forced cooling. The dryer consists of a cooling unit with a refrigeration system filled with Freon, which is safe for the ozone layer. Cooling of the compressed air takes place in a vertical heat exchanger made of aluminum. Compressed air passes through one side, while Freon evaporates on the other side. Our company offers dryers manufactured by MATTEI ING S.P.A., which are of high quality and have the following advantages:

  • high reliability of the dryers;
  • low pressure drop, which guarantees a reduction in operating costs for compressed air lines;
  • efficient operation of the dryer in compressed air temperatures up to +70°C and ambient air temperatures up to +50°C;
  • a controller for managing the operation of the dryer with a digital dew point display;
  • efficient ALU-DRY heat exchanger reduces the energy costs of the dryer;
  • automatic condensate drain allows for a significant reduction in compressed air losses;
  • attractive price;

The company “Mattei" offers a range of air dryers with a wide range of capacities and pressures that are suitable for virtually all branches of industry.
Refrigerated air dryers allow to achieve Class 4 cleanliness of compressed air with respect to moisture content.