Air for PET blowing lines

In March 2016, at one of the Ukrainian enterprises for processing sunflower oil, a compressor station was successfully put into operation to supply an automatic line for blowing PET containers with compressed air. The compressor station supplies compressed air in an amount of 540 m3/hour with a pressure of 40 bar. The station is based on the use of a booster circuit for producing compressed air. To complete the compressor station, our company’s engineers selected and assembled solutions from our three main partners. The first stage compressor is a rotary vane compressor manufactured by the Italian company ING ENEA MATTEI; Compressed air preparation – adsorption dryer with dew point control sensor manufactured by KSI, Germany; Booster compressors are piston compressors with a microprocessor control system manufactured by BOGE kompressoren, Germany. All components of the compressor station were carefully selected and balanced among themselves.