Compression of associated petroleum gas

As you know, the Italian company ING ENEA MATTEI produces rotary vane compressors not only for compressing air, but also for compressing natural gas. Therefore, when a customer, a private oil production company, approached us with a technical specification on the possible use of rotary vane compressors to compress associated petroleum gas, we quickly proposed a solution using MATTEI compressors. As a result of the implementation of our solution, the customer was able to abandon the utilization of associated petroleum gas by flaring, and instead, additionally supply more than 100,000 m3 of natural gas to the Ukrainian gas transportation system every month, while receiving additional profit. This project paid for itself in less than six months. The compressor was manufactured in an explosion-proof design in compliance with all norms and rules of Ukrainian legislation. The compressor is controlled by a microprocessor control system located in a safe area.