Energy save compressors for concrete production

In mid-2014, our company supplied a rotary vane compressor of the MAXIMA 110 series for one of the largest concrete production enterprises in Kiev. At the tender stage, the customer, in addition to reliability indicators and cost of service, paid special attention to the energy efficiency of proposals from tender participants. Our offer stood out favorably against the competition. The MAXIMA 110 compressor we offer has a capacity of 23.35 m3/min at a pressure of 8 bar(s) and a power of 110 kW. While the competitors’ offer was based on a screw compressor with a similar performance, but with a power of 132 kW. It was the difference in energy consumption of 22 kW between the MAXIMA 110 compressor and the screw compressors offered by our competitors that was decisive and allowed the customer to choose our offer.