Oxygen from the air or how to pay less

In January 2016, specialists from Industrial Systems completed the installation and launch of an oxygen station at one of the glass factories. Industrial Systems specialists, together with engineers from Italian companies NOXERIOR and ING ENEA MATTEI, developed and implemented an oxygen station using NOXERIOR oxygen generators and MATTEI compressors. The implemented solution allowed the customer to completely abandon the use of liquid oxygen and significantly reduce costs. After all, the cost is 1 ton. oxygen produced using oxygen generators is 2 times cheaper than using liquid oxygen. The oxygen station kit includes: Short-cycle oxygen generator OS48 manufactured by NOXERIOR – 9 pcs. Rotary vane compressors MAXIMA75 and AC75 manufactured by ING ENEA MATTEI – 2 pcs. Filtration and purification of compressed air manufactured by KSI – 2 pcs. The installation operates around the clock.