AIR CENTRE compressors

AIR CENTRE compressors are the most reliable compressors designed and manufactured by Mattei. The efficiency of the compressor is ensured by a proportional suction servo valve, which maintains the required pressure by adjusting the compressor output.

Like all Mattei compressors, AIR CENTRE compressors are directly driven by a flexible coupling, allowing for compressed air production with minimal energy costs and without power loss. The compressor is controlled using the MAESTRO XS controller. These compressors are easy to operate and cost-effective to maintain.

AIR CENTRE compressors have a number of advantages:


The technologically advanced Mattei compressors have been designed to achieve even greater efficiency in industrial applications. Their reliability and efficiency are improved by the compressor operating at low speeds.

Easy and cost-effective maintenance

Maintenance of the compressor involves minimal replacement of parts. Maintenance should be carried out every 5000 hours of operation (air replacement, oil and oil filter replacement) and every 10,000 hours of operation – separator replacement. The absence of roller bearings contributes to a significant reduction in compressor repair costs.


Energy saving

The AIR CENTER compressor range is equipped with IE3 energy-efficient electric motors. The torque is transmitted directly from the motor shaft to the compressor shaft via a flexible coupling, without changing the rotational speed.


High reliability

The compressor block is designed to operate for more than 100,000 working hours without major repairs. An oil film inside the compressor prevents metal-to-metal contact, thus protecting the compressor from excessive wear.

Performance management

By using a modulating proportional suction valve, the control system automatically adjusts the compressed air flow to the needs of the system, leading to a reduction in energy consumption.

Control system

A unique compressor control system based on the MAESTRO XS controller allows for monitoring and controlling the compressor operation. It is possible to connect to a computer for remote monitoring and control. In the case of connection with other compressors equipped with the MAESTRO XS controller, it is possible to create a common control system for a compressor room that is controlled by one of the compressors, which will save on the purchase of an external control system. MAESTRO XS can be controlled over the Internet or mobile communication, providing remote control over the compressors.

Standard delivery scope:

  • Inlet compressor pre-filter
  • Control unit (controller) MAESTRO HZ
  • High-performance suction filter
  • Starter (star-delta) with overload protection
  • Thermostat protecting the compressor from overheating
  • Manometer
  • Visual oil level indicator
  • Oil level sensor
  • Direct drive with flexible coupling insert
  • ROTOROIL P2 synthetic oil
  • Automatic performance regulation system
  • IP55/IEC energy-efficient electric motor IE3
  • Combined compressed air/oil cooler with cyclone separator and automatic drain
  • Soundproof housing
  • Emergency compressor stop button