Classic Series Compressors

The ERC compressor series is perfect for industrial use. They feature a unique microprocessor control system called MAESTRO XS, which allows for automatic control and observation of compressor operation, and can also be connected to a personal computer for remote control. When connected with other compressors equipped with the MAESTRO XS controller, it is possible to create a general control system for a compressor station that can be controlled by one of the compressors, saving costs on the purchase of an external control system. The MAESTRO XS controller can be remotely controlled through the internet or mobile communication, ensuring remote control of compressors.

Classic Series Compressors have a number of advantages:

Direct Drive

“Mattei" produces compressors using four-pole motors with a rotational frequency of 1500 rpm. The connection to the compressor shaft is made directly through a flexible coupling. This results in significant energy savings without losses compared to belt or reduction drive.



The MAESTRO XS controller has been designed specifically for industrial use and tested in working conditions.


Two programming levels are available for the MAESTRO XS controller:

Basic – for better adaptation of the compressor characteristics to the user’s needs.

Advanced – with access code, allowing for broader control of the compressor’s operation.

Compressed Air Cooling

The compressor cooling system ensures that the temperature of the compressed air at the outlet of the compressor is 11°K higher than the ambient temperature.

Automatic Flow Control

Similar to the standard loading/unloading mode on all Classic series models, a special modulation suction valve has been installed, which allows compressed air to be supplied to consumers with a constant pressure in the amount required. Modulation allows for significant reduction in energy consumption.

Energy Consumption

Thanks to careful construction development, the compressor has one of the lowest unit energy consumption values per 1 m3 of compressed air among compressors available on the market. The regulation system allows the choice between loading/unloading mode or modulation mode.

Standard delivery scope:

  • High-efficiency suction filter
  • MAESTRO XS control block
  • Soft Start for compressors with power from 4 to 22 kW
  • Star-delta starter with overload protection for compressors with power from 30 to 55 kW
  • Thermostat to protect the compressor from overheating
  • Pressure gauge mounted on the separator
  • Visual oil level indicator
  • Direct drive with flexible coupling insert
  • Synthetic oil ROTOROIL F2
  • Automatic performance control system
  • IP55 energy class motor with high energy efficiency IE3
  • Separate compressed air/oil cooler with cyclone separator and automatic condensate drain
  • Emergency compressor stop button.