“Energy Save” BLADE and OPTIMA series compressors

For the needs of companies that experience significant fluctuations in compressed air consumption, both during a single shift and throughout the entire workday, Mattei produces compressors with a frequency converter. To ensure minimum energy consumption, the OPTIMA series compressors offer the delivery of compressed air depending on the demand in the network. The frequency converter regulates the speed of the electric motor, adjusting the compressor’s performance to the actual demand in the network. The OPTIMA compressor can save up to 35% on electricity costs.

The OPTIMA compressor operates within a certain range of maximum and minimum pressure values. When the pressure reaches its maximum value at the minimum motor speed, the suction valve closes and the compressor goes into “unload" mode. At that point, the internal pressure decreases to 1.5 bar, which further reduces energy consumption. When the line pressure drops to the minimum set value, the compressor switches to “load" mode and begins to supply compressed air to the line, adjusting the motor speed according to the demand for compressed air.