“Energy save” MAXIMA compressors

MAXIMA series compressors have been designed for industrial applications, operating 24/7 and 12 months a year. The compressors are produced in a soundproof housing and equipped with the MAESTRO XS automatic control system, which allows for effective control of compressor operation. Thanks to a well-thought-out design, the compressors have one of the lowest unit energy consumption values per cubic meter of air produced. The name MAXIMA clearly defines the machine’s essence: “maximum characteristics", which were taken as the basis for the project’s development goal. Continuous technological improvement serves as the basis for the excellent efficiency of electrical energy consumption in kW for each cubic meter of compressed air produced per minute. MAXIMA compressors allow for savings of up to 35% on annual operating expenses.



MAXIMA series compressors are designed in accordance with the requirements for all compressors produced by “Mattei". Therefore, these compressors stand out for their highest reliability.

Energy efficiency

One of the main goals of every industry is to reduce production costs. The funds invested in new equipment must improve production processes and reduce fixed costs. MAXIMA series compressors have been specially designed to achieve these goals. Energy consumption by these compressors is 15-10% lower compared to screw compressors of the same capacity. The unit power of these compressors is only 5.4 kW/m3/min.

Flow control

Thanks to the modulating suction valve, the proportional control system automatically adjusts the supply of compressed air to the system demand, thus reducing the consumption of electrical energy.

Cooling system of the compressor

The fan of the MAXIMA compressor cooling system is regulated depending on the load and environmental conditions. In normal temperature conditions, the MAXIMA compressors can cool the oil and other compressor components at a lower fan speed, enabling significant energy savings. With increasing temperature or load, the compressor increases the airflow to maintain the cooling system’s efficiency.